Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Book Review - Don't Call Me a Crook!: A Scotsman's Tale of World Travel, Whisky and Crime by Bob Moore

Have you ever read a book where the cover didn't intrigue you? Only to find out what a great story was in between the cover?
I had the opportunity to review Don't Call Me a Crook!: A Scotsman's Tale of World Travel, Whisky and Crime by Bob Moore.

In this tale Bob Moore tells us stories of his thievery, deceit, and trickery he used to sustain his lust for life and alcohol. But then he goes on to tell the reader that he is not a thief. His story takes place in 1935 as a young man who marries and decides that's not the life for him and decides to travel the world. On his travels he tells us stories of his mishaps in China, New York and on the multiple ships he sailed on as the chief engineer.

At the beginning of the book I laughed alot at all the different predicaments Bob got himself into. Women feel in love with is witty charm, he could smooth talk anyone and enjoyed life to the fullest. I enjoyed reading this book of his crazy tales but the end of the book was harder to stomach as it involved a lack of regard for human life and racism. Although, I try to remember the world was a different place back then.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars out of 5. If you get a chance give this book a try.
It is available at Amazon for only $6.49



Clueless_Mama said...

I will have to tell my mom about this book. She is such a reader. I wish I had time to read anymore. Oh well I will again one day. ;) How the heck are you lady??

HeartsMakeFamilies said...

I need to try this. I definitely understand the feeling of looking at a cover and thinking it won't be good. Only to discover that it was a great book.