Sunday, September 6, 2009

August Wins

I just wanted to let you all know (ok brag...just kidding) what I won this month.

1. From Barefoot Mommies I won a pair of Gurkee's sandals. Haven't recevied them in the mail yet but they look awesome.
. $26.95 retail value

2. From RocLoc
It's awesome. I have it out in my garden with my housekey in it for when the kids or I get locked out. It's so cool because it's a realistic looking rock and you need to know the combination to get the key out.

$49.95 retail value

3. From Kindred Spirit Reviews
I won a Moving Picture Books DVD
$12.99 retail value

4. I won an awesome Betty Crock Back to school giveaway. It had tons of school supplies and coupons for free products from Sisterly Savings
Retail value approx $50 bucks

5. From Bucks Daddy's Blog I won the
Sunsweet Philippine Pineapple Giveaway. $5.50 retail value

6. Lastly, I won Le Creuset silicone baking cups from One Little Word She Knew



ProjectHope7 said...

CONGRATS! every little bit helps, doesnt it?! have a great and winning week.

cathy b

NatalieA said...

Congrats! You won some fun things! Keep on winning! :)