Saturday, October 24, 2009

Review - Frittabello - Baby Journal

I got the chance to review this one of a kind Baby Journal from Frittabello. The journal arrived undamaged in a cute package which had a cute little bow tied around. My first impression was that this book would be perfect for either a little boy or girl as it was very gender neutral.

Being a new mommy ( ok she is my fourth baby , but it's been a long time since we have had a baby in the house) I really haven't had time to journal prior to her birth or after her birth. This baby journal makes it so easy to journal as everything is laid out for you. Insert picture here, place ultrasound photo here ( I have so many of those just floating around) and prompts to make it easier for you to journal.

My favorite part of the baby book is in the beginning there is a page with hearts for all the important people in your baby's life to leave him or her little heartfelt messages.

What makes this baby book unique to me is that it allows you to journal all the way until your child's fifth birthday. Wow!

So head on over to Frittabello the next time you need one of a kind baby gift or want one for yourself.
The retail price is $32.95.

The founder of this baby book, Ms.Covello mother of an ADHD child, is an advocate for children with ADHD and will donate a portion
of her book proceeds to organizations that support and advocate for ADHD children and their families

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PS. Want to you know how the name Frittabello came about? Check out this heartwarming story from the founder of the My Life baby book.

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